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Thank you for participating in the 2014 Warrior Youth Wrestling Turkey Trot!!!

Turkey Trot Results
PlacingNameRace Time Number
1Matt Nebsydoski24:15.399
2Aaron Trimpey26:09.0102
3Adam Coffman26:54.918
4Tim Groth28:10.235
5Michael Younkin28:19.996
6Zach Holloway29:02.044
7Erik Younkin29:05.397
8Matthew MacDonald29:30.060
9Mateo Vega30:32.789
10Connor Broderick30:36.711
11Logan Comber30:38.020
12Josh Alwine30:45.44
13Jason Smiley31:10.181
14Shawn Godall31:12.23
15Xander Holloway31:39.446
16Stephen Mayoryk32:31.761
17Eric Saenz32:55.474
18Mike Bender32:56.0103
19Erin Saenz33:38.473
20Lacy Phillips33:40.069
21Angie Nebzydoski34:27.898
22Troy Holloway34:57.443
23Dan Stevenson35:15.284
24Stacey Lewis35:51.257
25Melissa Johnson35:52.348
25Trent Lewis35:52.358
26Darrin Holbein36:31.0100
27Karen Thomas36:42.787
28Holly Cowx36:43.624
29Reed Lewis37:19.659
30Chris Lewis37:20.856
31Vanessa Walker38:19.992
32Katie Comber38:21.919
33Jeff Thompson41:18.888
34T. Yoakum41:21.8101
35Dave Hisey41:30.342
36Nicole Hammond43:05.137
37Ellie Holloway43:12.345
38Avi Burke45:40.913
39James Hammond45:47.938
40Stephen M Mayoryk47:21.262
41Stephanie Mayoryk47:22.163
42Jacob Sharp47:32.075
43Tyler Harper48:03.440
44Kristen Harper48:06.239
45Jaime Stewart48:20.886
46Matthew Stevenson48:30.385
47Deborah Chilcoat-Goble49:47.816
48Josh Sharp50:16.976
49Scott Goble50:42.334
50Zac Yerkes51:18.595
51Bradley Simons52:46.079
52Bruce Olszewski53:18.968
53Gregory Badour53:19.76
54Annabel Curran53:54.225
55Roo Burke53:55.812
56Jenn Counts & Sierra Rosenberger54:03.322 & 72
58Binah Burke54:09.414
59Angie Endres54:45.632
61TJ McKee1:05:17Unlisted
62Tim McKee1:11:58Unlisted
63Susan McKee1:11:59Unlisted
66Jacob Pizzuro 
67John Pizzurro 71